Client: PTK
What: Strategy, Concept, Production, PR and debate articles, media buying.

We relaunched the PTK counselling services for occupational pensions. The service is accessible for 860 000 people who are hired within the private sector. The service provides digital guidance around pension and health insurance. PTK is a network of 27 unions.

When looking at the user data from the service, we learned that 80% of the users had been in contact with an insurance advisor or someone within the union to get there. Therefor we realised that we needed the people working within the separate unions to spread the word. We also needed to find common ground for the concept.

The solution is not about pension. It’s about your money.

We used both traditional PR, debate articles, animated explainers and a textroll. Another insight was to find the right time to do it. The answer was when every Swede get their orange or red envelope with the yearly pension update. So we made a digital tour for our content.

The result was that we were able to increase the site login by almost 100 % compared to the previous year. And this despite that the media budget was lowered with 50 percent.