Client: Trafikverket
Concept and shortfilms

Trafikverket is in charge of the longterm planning for the Swedish transportation system. They decide how roads, shipping and air traffic should be planned in order to keep working. This is of course a very complex process, carried out in numerous steps over a long period of time. Employees at Trafikverket all need to be able to explain this process, and it was our job to help them find a way to do so in a new way.

The result of this project was three shortfilms, that tell the story about what Trafikverket does. To present it in an inspirational way, both illustrations and collages were used- accompanied by a calm educational voice explaining how it all works. The goal for the films was to explain the process in an easy, accessible and engaging way. All to increase the understanding for what Trafikverket really does. And make it easy to pass that knowledge along.